New York City Family Law & Divorce Attorney

The Law Offices of Michelle M. Delgado, P.C. offers a complete range of legal services to facilitate the sympathetic and personal handling of all domestic relations, family law and matrimonial law matters, such as: alimony, annulment, children’s issues, child care, child custody, child support, contempt of court, division of marital property, divorce, domestic violence, enforcement of judgments/orders, equitable distribution, grandparents’ rights, joint custody, litigation, marital agreements, marital property distribution, marital property law, name changes, negotiation and settlement of divorce, parental rights, paternity, post divorce modification(s), postnuptial agreements, premarital agreements, prenuptial agreements, property settlements, protective orders, qualified domestic relations orders, real property transfers, relocation, restraining orders, separation agreements, shared parenting schedules, spousal support, spousal maintenance, time sharing schedules, and visitation rights.

The firm has a highly skilled and experienced professional team ready to counsel, negotiate, litigate or mediate in the best interests of our clients.

Based in New York City, Ms. Delgado serves clients in the New York Metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Nassau County and Garden City.

For more information about your divorce options, you may contact her online or call the Law Offices of Michelle M. Delgado, P.C. at 212-391-7755.