New York Divorce Mediation Review Attorney


Michelle M. Delgado is a skilled negotiator trained in Divorce Mediation. Over her career, she has demonstrated her ability as a settlement-oriented problem solver. As such, Michelle M. Delgado is often called upon to act as a mediation review attorney, a role she enjoys greatly as she can help clients achieve the best possible settlements while preserving amiable relationships.

Mediation is a great way to resolve family matters, but your mediator is a neutral third party who is not there to give you advice. Mediation is growing in popularity as parties recognize the value of having help in making decisions about their dissolution; however, they do not want to hire lawyers and risk having an adversarial situation. Although the mediator does not represent either party, he / she will assist the parties in coming up with solutions that work for their situation. A mediator with knowledge of business and finances can also help ensure that each party will be able to start over with greater financial security.

Working with a mediation review attorney at the beginning of the mediation process can ensure you are prepared and ready to make decisions in the mediation process. The role of a review attorney is predominantly to make sure that each party fully understands the agreement that they are signing and perhaps to make some suggestions at the end, but not usually to play a significant role in the actual negotiation. Moreover, by the time an agreement is reached, the couple have made it through what was likely a lengthy process.

Frequently, mediation clients will ask: why do I need a review attorney? After the mediation process results in an agreement, both parties have an opportunity to have an attorney review the agreement and advise them as to whether the agreement is favorable for them or not. The role of the review attorney is to review the agreement and discuss with the client how they might fare under the law. For example, a review attorney may point out whether the child support provisions in the agreement comport with the child support guidelines or whether the equitable distribution is in fact fair.

When mediators refer their clients to review attorneys, they tend to send them to “mediation friendly” lawyers who understand that the person for whom they are reviewing the agreement is committed to the mediation process, rather than have an attorney tell them “I can get you more.” When both parties have had the agreement reviewed, they generally go back to their mediator with the comments from their respective review attorneys. After addressing the outstanding items raised by the review lawyers, the mediator can proceed to finalize the agreement. Proper review ensures that each party can sign the agreement with the confidence that they have a fair agreement they can live with.

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